When it comes to HR, the best things in life aren’t always free

Many businesses are offered a ‘free HR service’ when they join membership-based organisations or associations, the service being listed as one of the many perks of paying their monthly fee.

Whilst this level of support may be sufficient to answer the occasional query you have about employment law terminology or common working policy, it is not usually intended to be the kind of robust facility upon which you should rely on to offer your business protection when you meet a HR challenge head-on.

Yes, having a number to call can give a certain degree of reassurance, but for matters of a serious nature (and HR matters can often be of a serious nature) isn’t it better to have a dedicated HR and employment law professional on your side?

Truly tailored advice can only come from someone who knows you and your business well. Knowledge and understanding built through a close working relationship not only allows the most relevant advice to be given, but also allows a rapid response – something which can be crucial when dealing with issues that have potentially serious legal implications.

At CoLaw we offer practical, tailored advice to benefit the business as a whole and the employees at the heart of it. Our overall aim is to free up the time of the business owners and managers, letting them confidently get on with what matters most – driving their business forward.

Unlike the advertised free incentives, CoLaw provides: –

  • An entirely personal service, not just a ‘box-ticking’ exercise
  • Access to a whole team of experts in HR and employment law
  • A dedicated HR and Employment Consultant who knows you and your business
  • Retained services, giving support exactly when you need it
  • On-site, face to face meetings
  • Practical advice specific to your activities and circumstances
  • The reassurance of fully up-to-date legal compliance
  • Bespoke contracts of employment and employee handbooks rather than templates

Having your own HR and employment specialist at your side not only makes a huge difference to the outcome when challenges arise, it gives a feeling of confidence knowing that you are meeting your legal obligations and doing the very best for your employees.

When it comes to employment law, peace of mind is a very valuable thing. That kind of reassurance seldom comes totally free of charge.

If you would like to know more about how CoLaw currently support over 80 UK-based businesses with their HR, Employment Law needs then visit https://www.colaw.co.uk/

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