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At CoLaw, we like to make a lasting impression on the businesses we work with. We find the most effective way to do this is through one of our bespoke training sessions. We run open and in-house courses on all aspects of employment law:

Comply with Employment Law

You’ll learn understanding of the legal principles underpinning the employer/employee relationship, how to check documents and policies for legal requirements and provide basic advice on resolving legal employment issues. A must for the beginner in learning about employment law.

Recruitment - Legal Angle

This course gives attendees an understanding of the legal aspects of recruiting staff. You’ll learn the legal considerations involved in the recruitment and selection process, what your business obligations are regarding recruitment and how to avoid legal pitfalls. Additionally, you’ll be taught the ins and outs of effective, compliant recruitment.

Contracts of Employment

Learn contractual law, how to handle day-to-day contractual issues and how to draft terms of employment. You’ll also be taught how to create variations on the same contracts without impeding the legal standing of the document. This is a crucial course for HR professionals.

How to Dismiss Fairly

After attending this course, you’ll be able to advise on the legal issues involved in the discipline and dismissal process. You’ll know how to advise on and apply your company’s dismissal procedures, plus how to deal with dismissal in an effective, timely, compassionate way.

Equality & Diversity

Learn the legal side of diversity in the workplace. This course teaches you the legal principles behind diversity and equal opportunities, and how to put them into practice. After attending, you’ll be able to advise your organisation on the correct procedures and methods in these areas.

Managing Redundancies

You’ll learn all about redundancy law, when and how it applies. You won’t just be coached through the best practices when it comes to redundancy, but how to effectively retain your most valuable employees as well.

Disciplinary & Grievance

A course for anyone looking to better understand and deal with disciplinaries and grievances in the workplace. Learn the legal side of the issues, and how to handle employees who are going through the process.

Discrimination Avoidance

Find out how to apply best legal practice when it comes to discrimination in the workplace. You’ll be taught the key legal principles behind discrimination avoidance so you can advise and aid your business in the most effective way.

Commercial Services

Shareholder Agreements

A shareholder agreement can be used in a variety of situations to regulate the relationship between some or all of the shareholders. A shareholder agreement can govern how the company is run and protect the interests of minority shareholders or shareholder investors.

Shareholder agreements can be put in place at the formation of a company or anytime thereafter. Often a shareholder investor will require a shareholder’s agreement to protect their interests or following the allocation of shares to shareholders. Shareholder's agreements can be helpful to set out and deal with issues that may go wrong in the future and potentially iron out any misunderstandings or differing opinions at an early stage.

It is advisable to have certain provisions of a shareholder’s agreement protected in the Articles of the company and for executive director shareholders to also sign a director’s services agreement that reflects the rules of the shareholder's agreement in matters relating to their employment.

We offer fixed fee bespoke shareholder’s agreements starting from just £500 plus VAT.

Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions can be one of the most important documents when transacting with businesses or consumers. It is vitally important to get this right to ensure liabilities and obligations are properly set out between the parties.

Together with drafting bespoke Terms and Conditions we also advise on how to ensure the Terms and Conditions are incorporated into a contract and what additional commercial considerations particular businesses should consider.

We offer fixed fees on T&Cs starting from just £350 plus VAT.

Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement provides the specific standards to which services should be provided between businesses. A well-drafted SLA provides a framework for the obligations and liabilities between the parties. There is no one size fits all in SLA’s and we can tailor a detailed agreement to the sector and business practices of the particular client.

Assessment Mergers/Acquisitions

We can provide a wealth of experience in private business acquisitions. We can advise on both share and asset purchases from the heads of terms and Due Diligence stages, through to post completions matters.

Management Buy-Outs

A Management Buy-Out is where a company’s management team purchases a business from its current owners. Such Buy-Outs often include backing from private equity. We can advise on these and other types of Buy-Outs together with the often nuanced issues that surround such transactions.

Commercial Agents

Commercial Agents are sometimes used by businesses to facilitate the sale and purchase of goods on their behalf. The Commercial Agents Regs may apply to such Agent relationships, providing the commercial agency worker with certain rights particularly upon the termination of the arrangement. We can assist in all matters relating to commercial agency, including drawing up an Agency Agreement.

We can also assist with drafting distribution agreements as an alternative to a commercial agency.

General Partnerships/LLPs

A general partnership is governed by the Partnership Act 1890 and applies where 2 or more individuals carry on a business in common with a view to reaching a profit. Partnerships may wish to consider drawing up a formal partnership agreement to manage the relationship and make provision for unforeseen events.

We can assist with general partnerships and forming Limited Liability Partnerships.

Company Formation

The form of business vehicle is often one of the first considerations in setting up a business. We can advise and assist in choosing the right model and ensuring the appropriate formation documents are used to create a bespoke and tailored vehicle for the business’s needs.

Health & Safety

Legal and moral obligations when it comes to Health and Safety are complex and lengthy. At CoLaw, we’re committed to making these complicated laws, rules and regulations as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Consultancy Services

On-site consultancy to manage complex HR matters

HR matters can be very complex and it is very important that they are managed correctly. We offer an onsite consultation to help assess your needs practically and offer bespoke advice based on your individual circumstance.

Recruitment Support

Recruiting is a complex and important aspect to success and growth as an organisation. At CoLaw we  want to make this process as streamlined and pain-free as possible. We will help you to identify, source, screen, shortlist, and interview candidates.

Guidance sheets

Disciplinary hearings are not a nice subject to discuss but we know how important it is to carry out these correctly and effectively otherwise employers could end up in a tricky situation. We have created a helpful guidance note where we have outlined the stages an employer should follow throughout a formal disciplinary procedure as well as a recommended structure for you to follow.

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