What do HR really do?

More often, when we propose our retained HR support packages to potential new clients we get a response along the lines of “well, we don’t have many employee problems”. So let’s explore what HR actually do because there is a common misconception that a business only needs HR when there are employee relation issues.

Human Resources is not just about employee problems. HR is about PEOPLE, your PEOPLE! Having HR support in place makes sure as an employer you’re supporting the complete employee lifecycle from recruitment to exit and everything in between.

Human Resources are responsible for:

  • Designing people strategies and plans
  • Creating employee engagement initiatives: We undertake employee feedback surveys to understand employee’s needs and feelings which helps drive business objectives.
  • Learning and Development: We ensure employees have probationary reviews, annual appraisals with clear personal development plans for every member of staff. We put in place training needs internal and external and help managers upskill their team.
  • Designing organisational structures with business leaders
  • Recruitment and talent planning: We’re responsible for how a business attracts and selects candidates, it puts in place succession plans and reviews skills gaps to ensure the recruitment plan prioritises the needs of the business, so it continues to operate smoothly.
  • Conducting market research to ensure pay scales and benefits packages are up to date and competitive: We keep on top of growing trends in the benefit/perks sector to ensure a business offers up to date packages to attract and retain the best employees.
  • Using HR information systems to gather people data and insights: We monitor absence/attendance levels which might be affecting a department running smoothly or being successful. 
  • Identifying and retaining key talent across the organisation.
  • Creating people policies and procedures: We implement and maintain clear policies and procedures to ensure consistency, continuity and compliance with employment law legislation.

Human Resources is like an onion, there are many layers and aspects to it! HR support in some form is needed in every business (small or big) and outsourced HR assistance like CoLaw is perfect for every business. For a small business CoLaw can be your HR department and for larger businesses we can assist internal HR professionals with certain aspects of human resources so they can focus their attention where needed.

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